Working together, doing whatever it takes, to create an environment where lives can be changed.

     It takes the people of God to do the work of God! We are stoked for you to find your passion and serve on Team Good News!

     Team Good News is the ministry of helps at Good News Church. Without Team Good News, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things we desire to do. Team Good News serves in a number of different areas: Hydroforce Kid’s Ministry, Worship and Production Team, Welcome Team, Hospitality Team, and many other places in the church. To get involved in Team Good News, simply talk to one of the leaders at a gathering or fill out the Team Good News Application here.

We work together, doing whatever it takes,
to create an environment where lives can be changed.


Team Image - Mission


I serve to create an environment where lives will be changed.
I look to the Holy Spirit who lives within me to guide me as I serve.
I reach out to others with God’s love as I give life.

Team Image - Character


I respect my teammates and treat them as I want to be treated.
I control myself, my mouth, and my behavior.
I do what I say I will do.

Team Image - Attitude


I serve others with excellence just as I would serve Jesus Himself.
I see serving as a privilege and pleasure, not as an obligation.
I do all things by God’s great grace working in me.

Team Image - Safety


I am committed to the welfare and safety of every person at our church.
I go out of my way to protect the weak and vulnerable among us.
I set healthy boundaries for myself and am careful not to cross the boundaries of others.

Team Image - Stewardship


I take care of our building, property, and resources.
I support our church with my time, talent, and treasure.
I value my giftings and develop them for the benefit of this church body.