I used to have questions. Now I have answers.

I came to Good News through a coworker who invited me to church. I didn’t visit right away, but when I finally did, one of the Prayer Partners led me to the Lord. When I started attending, I had many questions about God and no foundation in the scripture. Several people in the church saw my hunger and began to feed me by sharing recordings of teaching messages that I could listen to while driving. Using these resources, coming to services and School For Life, and getting involved in different ministries helped me build a firm foundation for my faith.
I joined KETA in 2015, and through attending these classes, I have built upon that foundation and become bolder in ministering to others. I started discipling a group of college students, and we’ve gone through the Essential Eight and several different books of the Bible. Right now, I’m helping them begin to disciple others in what they’ve been taught. I’ve grown so much, and I have changed from being the person that has questions to being the person that can help answer them!

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