Jesus brought me out of panic and into peace.

10 years ago, I encountered Good News Church through a teacher at my high school who is a member of the church. He was praying for students and sharing the Gospel. He invited me to his Bible study in his classroom, and after a few weeks he prayed the prayer of salvation with me.

One of the many ways Good News impacted me is that I’ve learned to walk in the peace of God. From sixth to tenth grade, I took medication for severe anxiety. I was troubled in my mind; I dealt with suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. I needed peace, and I found that in my relationship with God.

Another big thing that’s been poured into me is God’s vision for the Gospel. When I came to Good News, I had no vision for my life. I really thought I’d be dead by 25. I know now that God’s purpose for me is reaching people with the Gospel. He wants to use me to minister to others, to share with them what He’s done for me. 25 has come and gone, and I’m still here. I’m alive. I have peace. I have purpose. I’m giving His life to others.

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